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Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies does my artist need?

Realistically, an artist only requires paper, a pencil, an eraser and a sharpener to participate in a class, but for the best experience, there is a preferred supply list here:

The Col-Erase pencils are your first stop, but it is a good idea to grow and evolve your supplies. Like with anything else, the proper tools can make all the difference, in addition to basic supplies, Cartoon Coach encourages all artists to get a good sketch book, an electric sharpener, a light table, a proper drawing easel or station, drawing tablets, water and alcohol based rendering markers, water colour sets, etc.

More supplies posts and reviews will start showing up in the News section regularly, please check back again soon. 

Can my artist take a short break from classes?

Absolutely! Cartoon Coach is a year round discipline, we expect that you will take a vacation from time to time or injuries/illness may occur, even screen burn-out is a legitimate thing these days. Never worry, Cartoon Coach is happy to accommodate your schedule. Just reach out, communicate your unique situation and together we can find the solution that suits your needs. Weather that is to pause your membership or simply schedule a series of make-up classes to help get your artist all caught up.

Make-up classes can be booked up to 30 days after a missed class, even if no notice was given. Although we prefer and appreciate a little  notice, we realize that, knowing you will be missing a class, ahead of time, is not always a luxury we have.

To notify us of a vacation, a pause in membership or any missed classes please reach out to us at
or here

I missed a class, how do I book a make-up class?

If you miss a class for any reason, you can always book a make-up class. Even if you did not provide notice. We prefer advanced notice of missed sessions, but we also understand that, advanced notice is not always a luxury we have. That said, although Cartoon Coach may reach out to you if your artist is absent from a number of classes, it is the responsibility of the artist or artist’s guardian to reach out and request a make-up class.

Artists have 30 days to book a make-up class.

Reach out to us at or through our contact page here:

When does your next sessions start?

Cartoon Coach is an ongoing, weekly, year round discipline. There are no numbered levels, artists can jump in at anytime and start learning. There are a handful of foundations and principles that get taught through practice and repetition, but there are infinite approaches to using those foundations and principles to solve design challenges, create rich characters and build fascinating worlds.

Please refer to our About page for more on our teaching philosophy at Cartoon Coach.

How do I book my Free Trial?

A free trial is available to anyone who wishes to make sure Cartoon Coach is the right fit for them.

It is super easy to book your free trial, take a look at the schedule and reach out to us at
or here:

After your trial, if you are satisfied with the program, reach out to us again with your choice of membership tier. There is more info on the registration process here:

Can my artist bring a friend to class?

The short answer is yes, because everyone who wants to learn to draw is welcome.

However, Cartoon Coach will not instruct a student without direct communication with the artists’ parent or legal guardian.

The proper protocol to follow, is have the parent or guardian of the guest artist – reach out to Cartoon Coach at and inform us that they are allowing their artist to join for that session. The session will be considered a free trial, unless, the guest artist has already attended their free trial, in which case guests must pay $30 for a single session.

How do I transfer payment?

After you have chosen the right membership for your artist, communicate that choice to us at or here:

Cartoon Coach will send you an invoice through Square. You can take care of the payment through the Square portal by Credit or Debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or some artists, artists parents & guardians prefer to send an Electronic Fund Transfer, EFTs are perfectly acceptable as well.

Once the payment is received, Square will issue you a receipt.

Do you teach adults too?

Absolutely, we currently have a Monday night session at 8:00pm EST for Teens to Adult.

Reach out to us today if you would like to book your free trial

If you are an adult who prefers to learn one on one, please reach out to us for our private class pricing.

Do you teach Animation?

Cartoon Coach definitely has plans to include traditional animation in the future, but it is currently not offered as part of the course lesson plans. Check back soon for updates on new courses and sessions offered by Cartoon Coach.

My artist lacks confidence, gets frustrated easily and often gives up, can Cartoon Coach help?

Cartoon Coach is big on confidence building. Each class, the artists are reminded that they are still quite young and they must realize that the worlds they build in their imaginations are far more sophisticated than their motor-skills will allow them to communicate on paper. Our artists learn that drawing is a discipline that improves with patience and practice over time. We strive to make sure all our artists understand the importance of being kind to ones-self, especially in the face of unwanted results.

We cannot guarantee your artist will overcome all of their frustrations, but we will do everything we can to reinforce positivity and confidence.

Do you do Birthday Parties or Private Functions?

If you have a birthday party or private function and would like to book Cartoon Coach for an appearance, please reach out at or here:

With 13 classes per week, not counting private lessons and freelance projects, Cartoon Coach has a very packed schedule.
If the timing works, we are happy to provide you with a quote based on your needs, distance and number of attendees.

We are organizing a fundraising event, can Cartoon Coach help?

Cartoon Coach is always happy to offer 2 packages: baskets with artists supplies along with a 1 month membership in each, to anyone running a charitable event or auction to raise money for their school or community.

Simply reach out and tell us about your charity or fundraiser.

Can I hire Cartoon Coach for a freelance project?

Cartoon Coach is grateful for any opportunity. Please reach out and tell us a bit about your project. If we aren’t the right fit, perhaps we can point you in the direction of someone who is.

For freelance enquiries email us at or through our contact page: