Graplers, Wrastlers and Wrestlers!!!!

As a kid, I was obsessed with all things Wrestling! Every Saturday at noon, right after the Saturday Morning Cartoons ended, I got out my WWF wrestling ring and all my action figures and enjoyed a full hour of the world’s mightiest men go head-to-head with the thunderous applause of the crowd. The voices of Mean-Jean Okerland, Gorilla Monson and Bobby Hennan would guide me through every match and I even had WWF magazines by my side. I loved Wrestling and still do, I recently found a copy of a vinyl record that features the wrestlers of the day all singing songs like Land of a Thousand Dances. That record inspired the sketches found in this instalment of “A Peak inside Coach’s Sketch Book”.

I was reminded of a cartoon I loved that was part of my regular Saturday morning line-up. It was called “Hulk Hogan’s Rock n’ Wrestlers” and it was a huge part of evolving the WWF brand as family entertainment while simultaneously merging the Wrestling Fandom with that of MTV! Honestly it was a pretty dumb show, but I loved it because I got to see cartoon versions of the Hulkster, André the Giant, Junkyard Dog, Tito Santana and so many more… even the Fabulous Moolah was part of the fun.

Cartoon Coach - Junk Yard Dog Sketch
Cartoon Coach Sketch of Jake the Snake Roberts
Cartoon Coach Sketch of Roddy Rowdy Piper
Cartoon Coach Sketch of Ultimate Warrior
Cartoon Coach Sketch of George the Animal Steel
Cartoon Coach Sketch of Hulk Hogan
Cartoon Coach Sketch of Iron Shiek