Graplers, Wrastlers and Wrestlers!!!!

As a kid, I was obsessed with all things Wrestling! Every Saturday at noon, right after the Saturday Morning Cartoons ended, I got out my WWF wrestling ring and all my action figures and enjoyed a full hour of the world’s mightiest men go head-to-head with the thunderous applause of the crowd. The voices of Mean-Jean Okerland, Gorilla Monson and Bobby Hennan would guide me through every match and I even had WWF magazines by my side. I loved Wrestling and still do, I recently found a copy of a vinyl record that features the wrestlers of the day all singing songs like Land of a Thousand Dances. That record inspired the sketches found in this instalment of “A Peak inside Coach’s Sketch Book”.

I was reminded of a cartoon I loved that was part of my regular Saturday morning line-up. It was called “Hulk Hogan’s Rock n’ Wrestlers” and it was a huge part of evolving the WWF brand as family entertainment while simultaneously merging the Wrestling Fandom with that of MTV! Honestly it was a pretty dumb show, but I loved it because I got to see cartoon versions of the Hulkster, André the Giant, Junkyard Dog, Tito Santana and so many more… even the Fabulous Moolah was part of the fun.